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Site Selection

Our top priority is to get your attendees to the right place for the right price.  From the start of this process, we will take the utmost care to fully understand your meeting needs, goals and objectives.  When we source a venue for your program (a hotel, a resort, a convention space or a cruise line) know that we will help drive the value of your meeting in that market in order to bring you the best experience possible.

We utilize the traditional site selection RFP process.  The client will always see the availability report and make the final venue selection

Contract Negotiation

When Lamont Associates negotiates your contract, we do so on your behalf in order to accelerate the contract cycle time, achieve a higher quality contract and simplify your end-to-end contracting process.  Each of our associates has an average of 18 years industry experience and will effectively work to minimize your risk and maximize your revenue.

Site Selection + Contract Negotiation

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