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Lamont Associates is proud to be affiliated with LiveCon and CSRconnections.  All 3 organizations have the same goal – to provide superior service and give our clients a comprehensive organization to fulfill all logistical, technical and contractual needs. 













LiveCon was created to give our clients a true one stop destination for all conference and meeting needs.  Our business model is simple, find the right technology and service platform that will fit your specific need.

With over 20 years in the conference, meeting and event industry we understand that every program is unique and typically will need an equally unique solution. We’re here to be your solution.  Our style is collaborative and consultative; it’s innovative and creative.  We value thoughts and ideas that challenge what is possible and together create a lasting impact.

To learn more about LiveCon, click on the logo above.










CSRconnections is a corporate social responsibility programming company founded with one goal in mind…to raise awareness for CSR.  Corporate Social Responsibility is an organization’s decision to behave in a way that is socially responsible, to make decisions that are beneficial to the environment, ethical in practice and help others in need.  As our client, you will receive an exceptional CSR experience.  We will connect you with a CSR activity that directly reflects what you value as an organization.​

CSR Program Examples:

  • Meal Packing

  • Hygiene Kit Builds

  • Rescue Kits (Human Trafficking) 

  • Celebration Backpacks (Children's Hospital)

  • Disaster Relief Buckets

  • Wheel Chair Building Activity

  • Back to School Packing

  • Bike Building Activity

  • First Aid Kit Builds

  • Blanket making for First Responders

  • Artful Giving

  • Furniture Fun

  • Book Nook Build

  • Additional Customized Events as needed

To learn more about CSRconnections, click on the logo above.

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