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What is CSR?

Corporate Social Responsibility is an organization’s decision to behave in a way that is socially responsible, to make decisions that are beneficial to the environment, ethical in practice and help others in need. 

We believe that the meetings/events/hospitality industry has a great opportunity to make a compassionate response to and significant change in our communities and in the world.

CSR Programming

CSRconnections has identified and partnered with organizations to provide impactful and engaging activities that are scalable to your program need.  Whether you feel connected to help locally with a hygiene kit build or globally with a meal packing event, CSRconnections can design a program you and your attendees can be proud of.

CSR Event Selection Process

How the selection process works:

  • Review our list of local, national and global CSR partners, narrow your search to 2-3 programs that fit your specifications

  • We will solicit the activity proposals on your behalf and communicate your questions and specific requests with the CSR companies

  • We will review all proposals with you the client

  • We will request appropriate documentation to secure the activity for you

  • All payments for CSR activities will be made directly to CSRconnections

Additional Event Resources

Speakers – If you would like to energize your event, think about having a speaker deliver a message about the significance of Corporate Social Responsibility and how your event will impact the community and world.  CSRconnections can provide you with a list of available speakers who are dedicated to the CSR vision.  Speaker fees will apply.

On-site Support – CSRconnections is available to staff your activity…to manage set-up, execution, tear-down and delivery.  These services must be arranged in advance to ensure staff availability. Please note that most CSR activities require volunteers.  On-site support fees will apply to services provided.

​To begin this discussion, please contact us at:

Tammi Runzler
Executive Vice President
c: 407-234-7381

Corporate Social Responsibility Programming

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